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Victorian Club Permit Scheme



From 1 February 2011, changes were introduced to the club permit scheme which allows club vehicles to use the road for any purpose for up to 90 or 45 days within the permit period. Letters were sent to permit holders in January 2011 to explain the changes. (You can view the letter here.) This scheme also places more responsibility for ensuring the integrity of the process on the auspicing club.

To that end, the All British Classics Car Club (Vic) has instituted some requirements which will enable us to meet our obligations to VicRoads. To participate in the VCPS through the ABCCC (Vic),


For members wanting to operate a motor car on the Victorian Logbook Club Permit Scheme (VLCPS) under the auspices of our club, please contact Walter Thompson on 0408 507 890, who is the ABCCC VLCPS Officer In Charge. Wally will be able to provide all the information required to operate a motor car on the VLCPS. Wally's position is entirely voluntary, so due consideration should be given when contacting him.

The ABCCC has the following conditions for operating a motor vehicle [twenty-five (25) years old and older] on the Victorian Club Permit Scheme:

  1. Initial contact should be made with the club's VLCPS Applications Officer, currently Wally Thompson. He will advise the procedure for application with respect to the conditions set by the ABCCC. He must also provide a first inspection of the vehicle.
  2. A club member who proposes to place his/her motor vehicle on the VCPS under the auspices of the ABCCC must have been a ABCCC member for more than one year.
  3. Provide the following with your request:
    • A Roadworthy Certificate (for any post-1948 vehicle)
    • Six (6) photos taken of the car, 15cmx10cm: Front, Left Side, Right Side, Dashboard, Rear View and Engine Bay. Include a front page of the Herald Sun somewhere on the "Front" picture.
    • On the back of the "Front" picture, write in the VIN, Year, Vehicle type, Make and Colour, sign your name and include your address.
    • Include some form of "Proof of ownership"
    • Appropriate VicRoads forms: (Club scrutineer can provide the necessary forms)
      * Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles (select to download)
      * Application for the Victorian Club Permit Scheme
      * Guideline Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist (Pre-1949 vehicles only)
      * Vehicles Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) Club Permit approval certificate when the vehicle wasn't originally produced for the Australian market (no compliance plate and / or previous Australian registration history) and was manufactured after 31 December 1968 (for motorcycles 30 June 1975)
    • A stamped, self-addressed envelope if posting the papers to the VCPS Officer
  4. A club member who operates a motor vehicle on the Victorian Club Permit Scheme, under the auspices of the ABCCC, must attend a minimum of three (3) club events per year. The car does not have to attend the three events, just the owner. Excluded from the count are the Annual Winter Luncheon and the Christmas Luncheon events.
  5. VicRoads requires a permit holder to be in good financial status of the Club in order to drive the car under this Permit.
  6. The ABCCC will notify VicRoads when a permit holder becomes an unfinancial member.
  7. The ABCCC will maintain a Register of those Motor Vehicles operated on the Victorian Club Permit Scheme under the club's conditions. Such Register will be submitted to VicRoads upon request.
  8. The motor vehicle operated under the Permit Scheme should be used within the spirit of the motor vehicle club scheme.


VicRoads requires that an ABCCC authorised VLCPS Officer's signature is entered on the permit renewal notice. Therefore, your VLCPS renewal should be sent to Colin Brown, PO Box 40, Coldstream, Victoria 3770. Enclose with it a stamped envelope addressed to VicRoads, along with a cheque/money order for the VLCPS fee. Colin will sign on behalf of the ABCCC, and then forward the permit renewal on to VicRoads. The form also requires YOUR signature, so be sure to sign it as the permit holder as well. Colin's position is entirely voluntary, so due consideration should be given when contacting him.

If you allow your ABCCC membership to lapse, you will then be driving an unregistered vehicle. The ABCCC is required to notify VicRoads of anyone with an ABCCC-auspiced Club Permit vehicle who becomes unfinancial or if the vehicle is sold or becomes unroadworthy. If you have an ABCCC-auspiced Club Permit vehicle, it is important that you pay your dues by 31 December for the next year or your vehicle becomes illegal to operate on the roads.

"The [initial] logbook [provided by VicRoads February 2011] will allow you to use your vehicle for up to 90 days as a transitionary measure until your current permit expires, at which time a new permit renewal and logbook will be issued for the next permit period. There will no longer be a requirement for the use of the vehicle to be only in connection with club activities. Your vehicle can now be used for any purpose, other than for commercial use. An entry into the logbook is required each day that you use the abovementioned vehicle unless you are only driving it within 100 metres of the garaging address." We are advised that when you are driving your permit scheme vehicle, you must carry your club membership card to verify your financial status.

As the Club is required to maintain a register of all ABCCC-auspiced Club Permit vehicles, members are required to complete the club permit registration roster and return it to Colin Brown at the address noted.

Further details can be found in the Club Permit Scheme Info Page.

Keep up to date with the VicRoads Club Permit Update web page with the link at the left.

The Association of Motoring Clubs has issued a position letter which was reprinted in the February 2011 Your ABCCC News as well as here. The AOMC May 2011 Newsletter contains Frequently Asked Questions on the VCPS - view an extract here.


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