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By Frank E. Douglas. February 2007

Our considerations on Car Clubs, the good, the bad and the future??

Many a car club member has thought of, what is good, what is bad, what could be changed to improve the support & future of car clubs. In depth discussion went on for several years between, John Gagen (Brisbane) Tore Pannuzzo & Frank Douglas trying to resolve this.

Many matters were reviewed, fellowship, events, in club members help, preserving history. Car clubs when their manufacture of cars has ceased. Particularly small makers of cars. We were looking for a formula for a new look, USER FRIENDLY, updated CAR CLUB for families

What needs changing?... Boring meetings, mainly about nothing.... Concours judging, it causes more arguments than it is worth?... Develop a MULTI MAKE club, more interesting than one make club. Make the wives WELCOME at events INTERESTING  them as well. Where do we go from here?. DEVELOP a club built on social use, age of your hobby classic car. Minimize meetings other than social & have meetings if necessary when needed added on to the next social event. Use name tags & always make members WELCOME. Have interesting events and a good colourful magazine. MAKE THE CLUB MEMBERS YOUR NEW CIRCLE OF FRIENDS & remember IF YOU DO NOT PUT IN, HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO GET MUCH BACK???

SO, what happened? John Gagen formed the Queensland All British Classics Car Club and it is up & running with about 250 members. Our sister club with social, but not legal ties. Although the two clubs are not connected in any way, we both share the same Logo and use the same club regalia, all promotional goods for both clubs are sourced from the same suppliers. If you are going  on a trip or a venture to Queensland, be sure to give them a call as they will make you welcome at any events they are holding, as we would with the Queensland club members.

On the 3rd of September 1997, Frank Douglas, Tony Hodges, Nello Mafodda, Colin Hallam and Pat Douglas lodged the Incorporation of our club and we called an open meeting for new members at Shannons where 47 persons attended. Some 30 members or couples joined up. Our membership is now approaching 250 and with most memberships being couples. Frank Douglas became our first President and held that position until his death.

We specialize in having up to three social events a month.

It has always been understood that we have an obligation to do some work for society and as such we are heavily involved in running the RACV Great Australian Rally with the proceeds going to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute. We also provide the Marshals and most officials for the RACV Fly the Flag tour. The profits being shared by the Association of Motoring Clubs and the Federation of Motoring Clubs. Our club is paid a donation of $2,500 by each event and this money keeps your annual subs at a low figure.

The All British Classics Car Club is open to all new members, to enjoy classic motoring and to preserve the marques that bring much pleasure to all our members and the public alike.

The All British Classics Car Club has the operational role of conducting the Great Australian Rally, organised in conjunction with the RACV and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute. The ABCCC provides the marshals and together with Peter Mac, the manpower required to run such an event.

Incidentally, we have raised well over $140,000 for charity, a great effort by all members. The club is a reflection of the standard of our members.  I believe the formula for our club is working well.

There is so much more to be said but you can only fit so much into one page.

Frank Douglas


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